I Round

NameCountryPerformance timeVideo
Category «C»
October 1st Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Conservatory
Vasilchenko MaksimUkraine10.00 – 10.30Play.png
Baelus LiesbethBelgium10.30 11.00Play.png
Baranov AndreiRussia11.00 11.30Play.png
Break 20 min
Kanzaki YumiJapan11.50 12.15Play.png
Korzhenevich ElenaRussia12.15 12.45Play.png
Kuzhetsov AndreiRussia12.45 13.15Play.png
Break 1 hour 15 min
Loh Jun HongSingapore14.30 15.00Play.png
Luchenko VladislavaUkraine15.00 15.30Play.png
Maiboroda AlexandreRussia15.30 16.00Play.png
October 2nd Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Conservatory
Menzel AlbrechtGermany10.00 10.30Play.png
Naumov ArtemRussia10.30 11.00Play.png
Nadja NevolovitschRussia - Germany11.00 11.30Play.png
Break 20 min
Pashkevich AndreiRussia11.50 12.20Play.png
Przech DominikaPoland12.20 12.50Play.png
Pritchin AylenRussia12.50 13.20Play.png
Break 1 hour 10 min
Rubanova JuliaUkraine14.30 15.00Play.png
Ryabinina EugeniaBelgium - Russia15.00 16.00Play.png
Category B
October 3rd Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Conservatory
Zhang YaojinChina10.00 10.20Play.png
Bucholc AlexandraPoland10.20 10.45Play.png
Chen Yu-TingTaiwan10.45 11.05
Grauman MarinaRussia11.05 11.25Play.png
Break 20 min
Huang Yu-TingTaiwan11.45 12.05Play.png
Lubyantseva EugeniaRussia12.05 12.25Play.png
Osipov AlexeyRussia12.25 12.45Play.png
Shun HiokiJapan12.45 13.05Play.png
Break 1 hour 10 min
Suho RyosukeJapan14.15 14.45Play.png
Takenishi TomokoJapan14.45 15.10Play.png
Tarosyan ElenaRussia15.10 15.30Play.png
Tsinman NikolaiRussia15.30 15.55Play.png
Category A
October 4th Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Conservatory
Dzhavadyan Rosa LusineRussia10.00 10.20Play.png
Fedukova ElizavetaUkrain10.20 10.45Play.png
Hong You JinKorea10.45 11.05Play.png
Kuroda SayuriJapan11.05 11.25Play.png
Break 20 min
Stanic UnaSerbia11.45 12.05Play.png
Lee HyunahKorea12.05 12.20Play.png
Rabchevskaya EvaUkrain12.20 12.40Play.png
Shalyga BogdanUkrain12.45 13.00Play.png
Break 20 min
Martynov FiodorRussia13.20 13.35Play.png
Mahaffi Anna LuisaAustia13.35 13.55Play.png